Refinement of a Classic

As close to perfection as you will ever find

Far from a production line boat, Yellowfin was built by Buddy Cannady, a master craftsman who apprenticed for many years with legendary boat building pioneer Omie Tillett. Having mastered the essential techniques, he began a lifetime process of boat designing with the goal of building the perfect sportfishing boat.

So, during the winter months, Buddy would methodically build the next version of his prototype, outfit it, and launch in the Spring. Then, he would personally fish that boat during the Summer and Fall, all the while making notes and sketching out ideas for improvement. At the end of the season, he would sell that boat to one of the many interested parties, and then use that cash to begin the process again.

Each building season, he would integrate that Summer’s best ideas for improvement. Maybe it was just moving this an inch that way, and that an inch the other way. Maybe it was a more profound change. But, each year, the prototype was refined with one goal in mind… Fast, efficient and successful FISHING!

So, while you’ll find Yellowfin is comfortable and well equipped with all the comforts you expect, you’ll also quickly realize that she was designed & built to fish, and as the day goes on, you’ll see how that makes all the difference.